Sound design for the new exhibition of the Abelló Museum

This past Saturday the Abelló Museum of Mollet del Vallès (Barcelona) opened the exhibition “A world without maps. The travels of Joan Abelló”, which displays works painted by the artist during his trips around the world. I’ve been privileged to work on it designing the sound atmosphere. On one hand, I’ve recreated with field recordings some sceneries that Abelló describes in letters, and I’ve recorded a voice over with these textes: the shore landscapes of the Isle of Man, Trafalgar Square in the wee hours, Saint Mark’s Square in Venice, etc; this recordings and soundscapes are listened to with headphones, in order to complement the view of the pictures.

On the other hand, I’ve created a 15 minute sound sequence with sounds of many countries where the artist travelled: from a market in Morocco to a small village in Mexico, trains, airports, Indonesian chants, Tibetan temples, etc. This sequence loops continuously and provides the sound atmosphere of a hall with pictures of this countries.

It’s been a very interesting experience and the exhibition is a must. You can see it until October 20th.

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