Sound atmosphere for an exhibition on a 17th century witch hunt

The Thermalia museum of Caldes de Montbui (Barcelona) just opened the exhibition “Lo negosi de les brvxes”, which addresses
the prosecution, trial and execution of 13 innocent local women accused of witchcraft in 1619, exactly 400 years ago now.

I’ve created a sound atmosphere to help the visitors to travel back in time to that dark, wicked Caldes of the 17th century. It’s a 15min sort of a sound movie that combines descriptive and symbolic elements. It depicts some of the everyday life (the streets, the church, etc) and ends with the arrest and execution of the women. To build that scenes I’ve used field recordings with actors and actresses, library sound fx, sound clips sent via Whatsapp by more than 50 people, sinthesizers, etc. Plus, I’ve composed a main musical theme that acts as a leit motiv.

Besides, I’ve recorded six audios to be listened to with headphones, with fragments of the sentences an confessions of the women during the trials. I’ve added sound fx to each one to provide drama and tension.

It’s been a terrific creative experience and the exhibition is a must. You can visit it until September 29th.

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