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Sound and video for the virtual exhibition “Forest Art. Desemboscant”, by Martí Boada

My first commission from the Museum-Archive Tomàs Balvey of Cardedeu (Barcelona) has been a video montage and sound design for the virtual exhibition “Forest Art. Desemboscant”, which displays the artistic work of the geographer and environmental investigator Martí Boada. The sound creation has been a joint work with Mau Boada, son of the author and a well known musician in the independent scene, and it combines original music and field recordings in the forest.

Sound atmosphere for an exhibition on a 17th century witch hunt

The Thermalia museum of Caldes de Montbui (Barcelona) just opened the exhibition “Lo negosi de les brvxes”, which addresses the prosecution, trial and execution of 13 innocent local women accused of witchcraft in 1619, exactly 400 years ago now. I’ve created a sound atmosphere to help the visitors to travel back in time to that dark, wicked Caldes of the 17th century. It’s a 15min sort of a sound movie that combines descriptive and symbolic elements. It depicts some of […]

Sound design for the new exhibition of the Abelló Museum

This past Saturday the Abelló Museum of Mollet del Vallès (Barcelona) opened the exhibition “A world without maps. The travels of Joan Abelló”, which displays works painted by the artist during his trips around the world. I’ve been privileged to work on it designing the sound atmosphere. On one hand, I’ve recreated with field recordings some sceneries that Abelló describes in letters, and I’ve recorded a voice over with these textes: the shore landscapes of the Isle of Man, Trafalgar […]