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Music and sound effects for the gamebook app “Dracula’s trail of blood”, by Cubus Games

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Costumer: Cubus Games

My first composition experience in the world of gamebooks has been Dracula’s trail of Blood, a story placed in the universe of the most famous vampire ever, written by José Lomo and illustrated by Raúl Gil, in a project developed by Cubus Games. The music combines stylistic references to horror classic soundtracks with contemporary concepts such as dark ambient or drone, used to generate eerie atmospheres. The score is conceived for the reader to bind emotionally to the story, to get him more immersed in the action and to connect him with Dracula references in popular culture. Apart from the music I also designed the sound effects for the app

Dracula’s trail of Blood was awarded by the community as the 2020 best videogame in Catalan language.