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Music for the pyromusical show ‘Beats on fire’

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Costumer: Pirotècnia Garcia

In 2022 Pirotècnia Garcia commissioned me seven pieces of original music for a new pyromusical show they were creating. The company wanted a set of assorted music blocs (atmospheric intros, mid and fast tempos) combinable in multiple ways to offer different show designs, always keeping consistency.

Providing the audience with a satisfying experience was a must, so it was key that the music clicked with them at the very first listening. To achieve that I brought into focus some elements that could instantly sound familiar: on one hand the pieces are based on powerful, danceable beats of very popular, universal and catchy styles; on the other hand, I used classic harmonic sequences instantly recognizable and pleasant to the ear as well.

The show Beats on fire was released in August 2022 in Lliçà d’Amunt (Barcelona). You can watch an listen to some excerpts in the following videos.