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Original music and voice-over for an informational video of the Catalan government Environment Department

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Costumer: Departament de Medi Ambient de la Generalitat de Catalunya

In March 2022, AT Comunicació commissioned me the original music and the voice-over for an informational video by the Environment Department of the Catalan government about the 2/2022 Decree on the Environment Entities Register. The main voice-over was made by Lola Rascón and I did little interventions, putting my voice on the titles of every section.

As for the music, the goal was wrapping the voice-over around a sound environtment which evoked nature. Thus, I used a base of folk instruments (percussion, acoustic guitar, recorder, etc) for a very luminous piece of music, sprinkled with sound effects of nature elements: birds, sea waves, etc. The intention was evoking the feeling of a walk along a natural place, both to accompany the reading and somehow make the serious, administrative tone of the text nicer.

Here is the video and you can listen to the music alone in the player beneath.