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Sound design and music arrangements for the videogame “Re:Turn 2. Runaway”

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Costumer: Red Ego Games

Along some months of 2021 I became part of the team of the London based videogame company Red Ego Games, in the production of Re:Turn 2. Runaway, a 2D pychological horror adventure. The action continues the events of the predecessor game, Re:Turn1. One way trip, by the same company, and takes place in an abandoned train hauted by evil spirits. My job was, on one hand, designing eerie soundscapes for some scenes in order to generate tension in the player, apart from sound effects to bring some monsters into life. On the other hand I took care of the music arrangements of the game’s main song, “My shadow is my company”, written and sung by Christabel Annora.

In this video you can watch a sample of my job: I created all the soundscapes and sound effects, added the dialogue (recorded by two young, talented actors), mixed and mastered.