Solé releases “7 fragàncies”, his most eclectic work so far

Perfumes are way more than nice smells: they dress us up, they give us confidence, they accompany us, they represent us; they send messages to our brain and the others’ which recall indescribable sensations. Exactly like songs.

For his fourth album, Solé suggests a set of seven songs to use as they were perfumes. Seven proposals completely different from each other: different voices, styles, production, languages…seven little universes, one for every mood: disco for the sad days, Stones-inspired rock’n’roll to gather strenght, psychedelia for the sunsets, epic pop to feel thrilled, indie to sing,…every song will flood the listener with sensations until they’ll vanish, a little while later. Exactly like perfumes.

This is 7 fragàncies, the new album from Solé

After surprising everyone with a self-healing, home-recorded pop debut (Em perdono, 2013) and following up with a live record of tavern songs about his village (‘Aquest collons de poble’ i altres cançons sobre Caldes de Montbui, 2014), an undisguised britpop influenced single (T’he trobat, 2016) and an experimental sound art album (the Listening, 2018), Solé takes his eclecticism to the limit with a record that just can’t be more diverse, with collaborations like the singers Esther Condal, Keco Pujol (Mr. & Mrs. Jones), Maria Dolores Rascón (LoLa) and Mike Conlon, or the jazz pianist Txema Riera.

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