Pepa Ventura
Director of the Abelló Museum

Adding sound to the exhibition A world without maps. The travels of Joan Abelló made us transport ourselves to those places and atmospheres that captivated the painter years ago.

Susanna Portell
Art historian and exhibition curator

We wanted to give an special prominence to the memories written by the painter. The work of Ramon Solé allowed us to listen to the voice and sounds of the landscapes described in the privacy of the letters. A poetic extension of the power of painting.

Teresa Blanch
Director of the MATBC

Com a directora del MATBC felicito al Ramon Solé per la seva capacitat de treballar en equip, per la seva professionalitat i per les aportacions que ha fet en el disseny de l’exposició “ Forest Art. Desemboscant” d’en Martí Boada. La primera exposició virtual que hem portat a terme des del museu durant aquest període de confinament.