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Sound design for the exhibition “A world without maps. The travels of Joan Abelló”

Sound design for an exhibition of works by Joan Abelló, painted all around the world

Abelló Museum of Mollet del Vallès (Barcelona), 2019

In 2019 the Abelló Museum of Mollet del Vallès opened the exhibition A world without maps. The travels of Joan Abelló, which included works the artist painted along his travels all around the world. For the sound design I used sound effects to recreate some places the artist describes in letters (the shore landscapes of the Isle of Man, London’s Trafalgar Square at dawn, Saint Mark’s square in Venice, etc) and recorded a voice-over reading these texts. The audience could listen to these recordings with headphones to complement the contemplation of the related paintings.
Apart from that, I created a 15 minute sequence with sounds of many of the countries where Joan Abelló stayed and worked: from an African market to a small village in Mexico, airports, trains, Indonesian chants, Tibetan temples, etc. This sequence looped continuously as the sound atmosphere of a hall with paintings made in these countries.
You can listen to it in the following video.

Letters and soundscapes