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Sound design for the exhibition “Proximity summer holidays: 1850-1950”

This project was awarded by the Catalan Museology Association as the best travelling exhibition of 2021-2022

In July 2021 the Diputació de Barcelona opened at the Museum of Arenys de Mar the itinerant exhibition “Proximity summer holidays: 1850-1950”, whichs shows how the Barcelona upper class spent summer holidays in nearby villages, how this helped to shape the architecture and popularity of these places and how it evolved into modern mass summer holiday. This was my first work for the department of culture of the Diputació de Barcelona.

My contribution was a soundscape that immerses the visitor in timeless memories and feelings of summer holidays, and also takes him/her back in time. Thus, this soundscapes help to connect even more with the contents of the exhibition. The 15min sound sequence recreates several scenes: the urban ambience of 1900 Barcelona, the train trip to the place of vacation, the beach ambience, the children playing in the nature, the cafe-concert in the afternoon and the outdoors ball at night. To build these scenes I researched on how these situations were in those times through images, texts and the explanations of the exhibition curator, Joaquim Maria Puigvert: from the models of the cars that moved around Barcelona to the type of trains, the music styles, the children’s songs that were sung, the games and leisure activities of the holidaymakers, etc. Once I got all the sounds, I put every scene together, piece by piece.

In this video, recorded in the museum of Arenys de Mar, you can get the effect of the sound sequence along a brief walk through the exhibition. In the player below you can listen to the whole sequence.