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Soundtrack for the painting “Submergències” by Vicenç Viaplana

From October to December 2020, Vicenç Viaplana painted the mural work Submergències on the 4th floor of the Museum of Granollers (Barcelona). The artist and the museum commissioned me with the creation of a soundtrack for this painting, which was presented to the public from March 25 to May 9th 2021 in the temporary exhibition room. The show was called “Painting on the 4th floor”.

Sound and music, and their ability to appeal directly to memories and emotions, intend to be an extra element of connection between the audience and Submergències. The soundtrack consists of quite a diverse series of 12 fragments, each one about 5 minutes long, played randomly without repetitions until they complete a 1 hour cycle; then, the process starts over. thus, sound suggests many different ways to interact with the painting and the experience of the audience is unpredictable and constantly changing. 

As for the style, the soundtrack was conceived in harmony with Viaplana’s artistic language and creative process: moving without maps in abstract waters, using unexpected events to define the way and always offering suggestions instead of emphatic statements.

The two following videos contain two of the sound fragments along with images of the painting, and in the player below you’ll be able to listen to the complete Submergències suite.