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  • Complete service of exhibition sound design. This includes the following processes, which I carry out in permanent dialogue with the exhibition curators and/or the museum managers:
      * Conceptualization.
      * Sound recording and processing.
      * Composition, recording and production of personalized music for the exhibition, if required.
      * Mixing.
      * Mastering.
      Delivery of the finished audio, ready to use.
  • Voice recording for audioguides:
    * Voice-over recordings. I’ve access to a wide catalogue of voice-over professionals to cover all kinds of registers.
    * Composition of personalized background music.
    * Design of sound backgrounds and soundscapes (recreation of all kinds of environments and situations, historical periods and events, geographic places, nature, atmospheres to generate specific moods, etc).
  • Sound system design consulting for museums and exhibition halls.
  • Research, creation and writing of text contents for exhibitions